About Jane Grant

Jane is a dedicated professional with many years of experience in all areas of counselling in particular addictions and relationship distress. Since completing her Degree in Counseling and Psychology 11 years ago Jane has dedicated her time and efforts to building knowledge and expertise, keeping up-to-date through professional development, ongoing training and working day to day with addictions.

Jane has built a successful career as a Counsellor through a range of positions in the private and public sector with a particular passion and expertise in the area of Gambling Problems.

The policy of the Centre is to keep the fees as low as possible making assistance available to all.


Individuals / Couples: $99.00 per hour long session.

Concession / Students: $75.00 per hour long session.

Opening times:

Week Days



PH: 0417 949 103

Address: Cale St Como Perth WA